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Already Have a Home Loan?

Save Years, Save Thousands...NZHL could help you save thousands in interest and cut years from the length of your home loan. Simply fill in the form below and your local Consultant will call you to discuss your current loan structure and how refinancing with NZHL might work for you. This could be the most valuable phone call you've taken this year.

First Home Buyer?

Navigating your first mortgage can be a bit overwhelming. There's so much to consider and really all you want is approval so you can get the house. Our local consultants offer a personalised service providing smart advice around getting the structure set up properly so you're doing it the right way from the get go. Simply fill in the form and your local consultant will contact you in the next 24 hours. Simplify everything with us.

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A Smart Home
Loan Structure

We’ll help you structure your mortgage to make the most of your income and savings, reducing your daily interest costs in the process. We call this channelling.

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One to One
Personalised Service

As part of getting your smart home loan structure set up, we'll help you identify your financial goals and then check-in regularly on your progress.

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Let us Help you
Take Control

We’ll provide our unique DebtNav tools and support to help you effectively manage your smart home loan structure.

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"Glenys (Taranaki Branch) is such a caring and helpful person who really knows about every situation regarding home loans. I have found Glenys supportive and so helpful with the advice that she has been able to provide me. Thank you."

Kara Northcott